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Congratulations on considering an organic lawn!

Going organic is one of the best decisions you will ever make. You could add years to your pet's life as well as your own by not using lawn chemicals.

Newton Organic Lawn is locally owned and dedicated to providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations and work with all budgets.

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We specialize in using the revolutionary Pearls Premium low maintenance grass seeds.

We do Pearl's Premium installations within 30 miles of Newton, MA

Once established, Pearl's Premium requires little to no watering and only needs to be cut approximately once per month because it grows 75% slower!‚Äč

Newton Organic Lawn has been mentioned in Turf Magazine along with Jackson Madnick, founder of Pearls Premium for doing installations successfully using Pearls Premium grass seeds.

Why Organic?

  • Happier Soil
  • Happier Kids
  • Happier Pets
  • Happier Worms
  • Happier Water Bills
  • Happier Moms and Dads
  • Happier Charles River
  • Good Dinner Conversation

Actual Client Lawn

Using the revolutionary Pearls Premium grass seeds, the average size lawn will conserve the equivalent of two swimming pools of water per year and save $500-$800 every year in water bills!

The worse the lawn, the easier it is to convert to a Pearls Premium low maintenance lawn.

We also work with conventional grass seeds and can help your existing lawn become thicker and more vibrant. An organic lawn with conventional grass seeds needs 20-30% less water.

What will happen when my lawn becomes Organic?

Organic Lawn Care is about making your soil ideal for growing turf. Your soil will change to a richer, deeper, blacker color. Your lawn will need to be watered less. Your lawn will break down thatch better. Your lawn will become less compact.

You will have no need for yellow "keep off" warning signs that say that there are chemicals on your lawn. Harmful pesticides and herbicides will not be tracked into your house and get into places like your carpets. You won't have to read warning labels found on herbicides, pesticides, and petroleum based fertilizers.

What is the science behind an Organic lawn? How does it work?

Organic soil attracts worms who naturally dig tunnels that aerate the soil. Aerated soil acts like a sponge and holds onto the moisture longer. Aerated soil is less compact and it is easier for roots to grow and to grow deeper. Organic soil has more beneficial fungi and bacteria. This allows more Nitrogen to be available to your grass.

Over time, you will have one of the best lawns in the neighborhood!

Our clients have noticeably different lawns than their neighbors - especially over time. While so many lawns look brown and tired, Newton Organic Lawns stand out. They are significantly more green and vibrant. Our clients are constantly telling us about the compliments they receive from friends and neighbors.

References Client Testimonials

Ana (Client in Newton)

The grass has already germinated. I am very happy.

Anne-Nutrition Consultant (Client in Newton)

"David at Newton Organic Lawn provides a safe alternative to dangerous fertilizers and lawn chemicals at a reasonable price. He's very reliable and knowledgeable about the products he uses. I feel great knowing that my son and dog are safe on our lawn. We eat organic food and feel so much more comfortable using organic products on our property as well."

Mike-Attorney (Client in Newton)

"The neighbor across from us complemented the look of the area on the side of the house. He couldn't believe how quickly the grass has grown. You are certainly welcome to place a sign on my lawn of you wish. Your level of service and care is unmatched. You would make a fortune with that mentality and those seeds.

Thank you!!!"

Yard Notes Fall 2010

It has been a great Fall for Newton Organic Lawn. We have grown to three people and have been busy every sunny day. The weather has been great and the installations and Fall overseedings have turned out splendidly. We had the hottest Summer in 138 years and the first part of the season, we fixed a lot of burned out lawns. We have been doing Pearls Premium installations as well as working with traditional grass seeds. We have been fortunate to have been asked to do some projects with Jackson Madnick and Pearls Premium. You can see me spreading compost in on a New England Cable News Network story about green businesses in MA that was featuring Pearls Premium. Newton Organic Lawn is listed as an option with Green Decade of Newton. Green Decade promotes organic practices in the city of Newton. The seeding season has now ended with a last big push during the last week in Oct. We are hoping for some mild weather in Novemember to ensure great results.

Yard Notes 2011

It has been a great year for Newton Organic Lawn. We are continuing to grow. We have also continued to work on projects for Jackson Madnick and Pearls Premium. The wet cool Spring was great for growing grass especially early in the Spring. Crabgrass was a bigger problem for sunny lawns this year because the wet cool Spring did not allow root systems to develop fully. There were also heatwaves earlier than usual this Summer which was favorable to crabgrass. We have been working flat out this Fall and the organic approach is working nicely. We did pull a bit of crabgrass for some clients and their lawns are bouncing back nicely. It is now the end of September. Soil temperatures are on the warm side and germination of new grass seeds are happening quickly. The crew has been great and we should get a chance to rest around the end of October. Our calender is filling up so please try and contact us as soon as possible before the window for Fall seeding closes. We had a early snow in mid October and a mild November. The seeding done after the snow in late Oct/early were successful. We did spread some additional seeds for projects that were done in mid October.

Yard Notes 2012

The warm winter and lack of snow could make an interesting Spring. Everything could start 2-3 weeks earlier this year as ground temps will likely warm sooner this year. The lack of snow could mean less Nitrogen in the soil and additional fertilizer may be needed. Beetles and Grubs may be less of a problem as there may be less protection for Beetles from the Snow. After a month toiling in the fields I have the following to report. After the abnormally high temps in March we had generally cool weather in April. The challenge has been that there has been very little rain and we have had drought like conditions. I have seen a lot of Chick Weed this year. Fortunately this usually dies out in the heat of the Summer. The ground temps have been cool enough to keep grass mostly dormant. Lawns have been needed to be mowed once at best. We then got abnormally high temps over Patriot's Day weekend that likely dried out any grass seeds laid down except for people who took my watering advice. Lawns that were watered well over the hot weekend look great. Today we have received a full day of rain with more expected during the week. It will be interesting to see if we get a lot of germination as this is a cold rain with temps in the 40's currently. My over all summary is that early seeding to get a jump on getting root system development was fair at best due to the yo-yo of hot and cold weather and lack of rain. The prep work of raking out thatch and moss plus spreading fertilizer/compost will certainly pay dividends with this rain. One of my crew members, Mark declared "moss is my mortal enemy". We have raked at least a couple of truckloads this season. Warmer temps will be needed to get some real solid growth and germination.

The second half of the Spring has been perfect for grass growing with lawns needing to be cut after 4-5 days. This perfect spell lasted about three weeks before hotter than normal temperatures came.

The Summer has been hot and dry. The country has had a terrible drought and Massachusetts has not been immune. We have gotten more than the usual amount of Crabgrass this Summer.

It is now the day after Labor Day. We have gotten some much needed rain. Lots of work to repair the crabgrass and browned/burned out lawns. A break for cooler weather looks like it is in sight within the 10 day forecast. We have started prep work and are seeding in shady areas. We are pulling up lots of crabgrass using a great garden tool called "The Weed Hound". We are also amending soil with compost and top soil. Lawns should be looking great in just a few weeks. We are getting booked quickly and adding many new customers. Please call early as we are getting very busy.

The mid Fall has been perfect for grass growing. My lawns are looking great. Tons of seeds have germinated. The weather has had lots of periodic rain. No watering has been needed. I wish it were this easy all the time.

We have been out flat through the third week in October. We have transitioned into Fall CleanUps with a few last minute seedings. Hurrican Sandy was good for the lawns. The rain helped germiante lots of seeds. We have cleaned up a number of large fallen branches. There was a Noreaster that gave us some snow first week in November that will be followed by warm weather. There may be a another window for seeding in November. We are trying to keep up with Fall Clean Ups. About 80% of the leaves are down. Looking forward to a little rest once Thanksgiving arrives.

In Summary, we have had warmer temps earlier and later this year. The Spring started earlier this year. The mid Spring was cooler than normal. The Summer was hotter and drier than usual. The Fall was normal with especially good grass growing weather in late Sept. We lower temps than normal in October and a snowstorm first week in Nov. Mid November looks to be mild. We have been flat out busy but always try and make room for new customers.

Yard Notes 2013

We had a late Spring as it was cooler than usual in April. This made it a little difficult to get grass to germinate early in the season due to cool soil temperatures. It was not until late April, that average temperatures started to stay above 50 degrees. The early Spring was also dryer than usual and there was little rain. Then June came, and it was the jackpot for grass growing. You had to mow every 5 days to keep up. Mild temperatures in the 70's combined with lots of rain was perfect for turf. The Newton area received approximately 10 inches of rain in June. Landscapers worked feverishly to keep up with the mowing. One friend broke a clutch on his commercial mower because the grass was so thick.

July was hotter than normal and dryer than normal. There was less than 3 inches of rain for the month. Conditions were ripe for crabgrass and the crabgrass reared its ugly head earlier than usual. Many lawns burned out due to the excessive heat and lack of rain. August cooled a bit but there was less than average rain. September was perfect for grass growing temperature but it was very dry as was October. Usually we get a the remnants of a hurricane that comes through New England at this time of year but this did not happen in 2013. Early November stayed warm. The warm days and cool nights in the Fall created morning dew which was just enough to get seeding efforts to take albeit not optimal. Additional over seeding was done on many lawns in the Fall. Fall cleanups were not hampered by early snow. It seemed there were a lot more leaves than in previous years. One hypothesis is the 10 inches of rain in June.

Yard Note 2014

The cold Spring of 2014 caused a short season due to the unseasonable cold in March and lots of snow on the ground. Fortunately, May and early Junes were favorable with periodic rain and temperatures not too hot. The Summer was unusually dry but not too hot. When we did get rain there was lots. There were less problems with moss and fungal diseases. No problems with blight on tomatoes this season. A tip I heard is that if the day plus evening temps added together exceed 150 for multiple days, blight and fungal diseases can thrive. The Fall seeding season started a little late as the first few weeks in September were unseasonably hot. September was also very dry. Fortunately late September and early Oct were nearly perfect turf growing times with periodic rain and temps that were not too extreme. My lawns came up nicely this Fall.

Yard Note 2015

We broke snow records in 2014/2015 and we still had snow on the ground in mid April. Landscaping season started late again. May was a drought with less than an inch of rain for the entire month. June bailed the seeding season out with a nice mix of rain and not too many hot days. July was very mild with maybe one day over 80. We also dodged the Tomato blight bullet as mild and less humid temps kept fungal diseases to a minimum. August had the many 90 degree plus days. The cooler July helped with Crabgrass but the hot August gave the crabgrass the last word. We also had some heatwave days in the first week in September. The Fall seeding season started about a 7-10 days late. Usually you can start seeding around Labor day. We ended up doing prep work and started seeding mid Sept. Precipitation in Oct and Nov were on the light side of about 2 inches per month but just enough to allow lawns to repair.

Yard Note 2016

We are off to an interesting start. Very mild winter followed by a 70 degree plus day in March for a dryer and warmer than average March. This was followed by a early April snow storm that stopped work in its tracks. Once the snow melted, April seemed cooler with some real cold nights. The Forsythia were confused this year. They bloomed in Mid March then got a freeze. Their blooms don't seem to be as strong now. I heard this hot to cold snap this spring may effect the Apple crop. We are flat out as far as the eye can see as of this 21st day of April. The Boston Marathon went off without a hitch. I remember where I was in Newton toiling in the field when I heard the news two years ago. We were doing work on the side of Comm Ave this year and I got a chance to see some of the leading runners go by.

Yard Note 2017

They say certain years were good years for wines. 2017 will go down as a great year for grass. We had a warmer April to jumsp start lawns. We had wetter months in May and June which was great for the Spring Seeeding season. The Summer was slightly warmer than the mean but we didn't have any noticeable heatwaves. Earlly September was hotter than normal. We had higher than normal rain in Septenber and October make the fall seeding season easy. Not too much grabgrass. Barely needed to turn on sprinlers which was a great savings on the water bill. Tomatoes came out great due to lots of sunshine and not too much moistrure over the Summer. 2017 was truly a great trurf grass year.

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