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About Us

My name is David Gordon, and I started Newton Organic Lawn Inc. out of my desire to have an Organic Lawn. After becoming a bit obsessive about my own lawn, as well as learning all I could about Organic Lawn Care, Newton Organic Lawn was born. It has become a labor of love.

I live in Newton and have quickly gained a reputation for exceptional results. A landscaper said to me recently: " I have been doing this for 25 years and I can't get my grass to grow like yours."

My view is to not take shortcuts and maintain strong attention to detail. I source the best materials that I can find from local suppliers such as Allandale Farms and Needham Garden Center. Newton Organic Lawn is a member of Green Decade. Green Decade is a non profit that promotes sustainable solutions for the 21st century.

I believe in ongoing contact with clients whether it's about watering, the weather, maintenance schedule, recommendations, and what has been done to their lawn.

Organic lawn care is hard work. I feel good knowing that my effort is helping to make the world a better place by saving water, making properties healthier, and contributing to a safer environment. I also love the joy that people get when their lawns become transformed. My clients see noticeable improvements each season. Their lawns are greener and more robust than their neighbors and they feel really happy that they are not exposing their families and pets to unhealthy lawn chemicals.

If you are planning to switch to Organic, please stop all chemical fertilizer, herbicide, and chemical grub control treatments immediately.

I am fortunate to have many references who attest to the quality of my work. I work with all budgets.

I look forward to offering my finest services so that you will have no hesitation referring friends to Newton Organic Lawn.


Newton Library Display on Organic Gardening

Newton Organic Lawn Inc. and Green Decade have done an Organic Gardening display at the main lobby of the main branch of the Newton Public Library March of 2013 and again in March of 2014.

Special thanks to Needham Garden Center, for donating materials for the display.

Special Thanks to Marcia Cooper, President of Green Decade for collaborating on the project.

Organic Lawn & Garden Class Newton Community Education

I teach classes in watering and pruning, organic lawn care, and how to do a Fall Clean Up. Please check Newton Community Education for my next class.

Organic Lawn & Garden Class Course Description

Organic Lawn Care

Learn how to use natural methods to grow the freshest food in your garden and have a healthy lawn that's safer for pets, children and the environment. We'll discuss basic landscape designs and review how to test soil, seed, fertilize, add compost, and fix problem areas. You'll get tips on how to produce the most from your vegetable garden and learn about companion planting, irrigation, as well as how to locate a good spot to grow your veggies. We'll also address weeding—how to identify weeds and their likely causes, plus how to pull them easily. Start now to have a beautiful organic yard year round!

Fall Landscape Cleanup

How do you prune a tree, prepare your yard and garden for winter, or find the best reasonably priced workers to help with your fall clean-up? We'll address these issues plus learn how to use recycled leaves as mulch in your vegetable and flower beds. A good fall cleaning can help property look fabulous when spring comes around. Join us and learn some tricks to make the process go more smoothly. Handouts will be provided.