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The Newton Organic Lawn Way

Getting to know you and your lawn

  • Walk your property
  • Find solutions to problems like moss, poor soil, compacted soil, poor sunlight, poor airflow, weeds, poor drainage
  • Test the soil
  • Come up with a game plan

Recommendations for an existing lawn could include:

  • Choosing the right grass seeds
  • Planting seeds that need less water
  • Spreading lots of compost "Black Gold"
  • Spreading the correct amount of Organic Fertilizer
  • Spreading just the right amount of grass seeds
  • Spreading corn gluten to reduce weeds and crabgrass
  • Core Aerating which helps get air, water, fertilizer, and compost to your lawn's roots, and it loosens compaction
  • Helping make your lawn more level
  • Spraying Compost Tea which super electrifies the soil
  • De-thatching dead grass to let water and nutrients get to the roots
  • Fertilizing bushes and shrubs Organically

Seeding a new Lawn or Converting to a Pearls Premium Lawn could Include:

  • An incredible amount of work to prepare the soil for seeding
  • Working with an excavator to grade your property and use a compost loam blend for topsoil
  • A multi-step process which includes cutting your lawn very short, de-thatching and loosening soil, core aerating, raking, adding lime if needed, adding organic fertilizer, spreading seeds at just the right rate and the right way, rolling seeds to make good soil contact, spreading a thin layer of compost, and letting mother nature do the rest

Organic Lawn Care is a Learning Experience

  • Learn how to water
  • Learn how to easily pull weeds
  • Learn how Organic Lawns are naturally aerated by worms
  • Learn how Organic Lawns and need less water
  • Learn how Organic Lawns are safer for family and pets

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